He is in US and i'm from Romania. It's impossible to contact him. I have to go there, but rn i can't. I'm stuck here with school. But i don't know what to do. What do u think ? Should i go there for him ? Thx SO MUCH. You are such a wonderful person.

I would recommend finishing school and sorting out your life first because looking after yourself is more important than some guy anyday!

Once you finish, if that’s still what you want then by all means go for it! :D
And its fine! Glad to help! 

So I'm what you would call a hopeless romantic I guess...? But you see all of my friends are into dating anybody/ everybody :| and all I want is just one nice guy you know? They always give me crap for it and say that I'm stupid but I dunno I guess I just wanted to know that I wasn't ... Lol is it really that terrible to want the one guy that likes you for you and doesn't just want to have sex then dump you after a week?

Are you kidding me? There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to find the right guy and waiting for it! You’re actually avoiding a lot of pain and heartbreak by doing this - trust me!

Believe me, I’m a hopeless romantic too! I have a similar problem! My friends do the same things yours seem to do and believe me its not worth it! Remember, just as us girls talk, guys talk too - more than you think! Yes sure they might go for them now because (and I don’t mean this in a bad way at all - just being truthful) they are “easier targets” - meaning they’ll get sex and stuff out of their “relationship” quickly (because as I said, guys talk + brag!). But as you don’t do that, they actually have some respect for you, as they’ve seen you have standards, that you just don’t go for anyone!

When the time comes and they actually want to settle down, they’ll go for people like you because you have this thing called self-respect. You dont just sleep with any guy that comes your way. And if that isn’t credit-worthy then i dont know what is tbh ♥!

So uhm here's the thing. I've been used by two guys in two weeks basically and I've been talking to this guy who I've never talked too before and he is very nice, like super duper nice. But my friends say he's a user and all he wants is sex, but then he said he's not like that cause he'll hate too be used? If you get me. I'm really only talking too him to take my mind of the other two guys but if I start falling for him, what should I do? I'd hate too be used 3 times in a row...

I’ve been in your exact situation, believe me! 

Being used hurts, I know. I’ve been there and its not the best feeling. Those guys are idiots, and when they actually want a proper girlfriend to settle down with nobody will take them seriously! - Trust me. They’ll get what’s coming in time…

If you fall for the guy you’re talking to my advice to you is to take things slow! If a guy really does like you he will wait, believe me.. Get to know him well, make sure he really does truly like you for you and not for anything else! Yes, by all means kiss if things get to that, but don’t let him take advantage of you. Believe it or not, guys will actually respect you a whole lot more if you make them work for it - and he might actually enjoy the chase :)

I’ve had a similar situation recently, because as you said my friends also warned me that he’s a user and stuff! You cannot listen to everything people say, (fair enough he may have that reputation, but he might want to change - I dont know him so i cannot say), but my best advice to you is to do what you feel is right!
If he makes you happy well go for it! (But take it slow - like that you’ll actually see if he’s using you). 
Take what people say into account, but you cannot let them influence your whole decision! At the end of the day its your life and its better sometimes to risk things than to look back and say ‘what if?’.
Do what you feel is right, so at the end of the day you can look back with no regrets! 

Omg I love your account so much!!!

Thank you! :D 

Thanks for the advice about my best friend😄 really helped a lot!

You’re Welcome! Glad to help!  

how do i tell my boyfriend that i have been dating for almost 8 months that i have a eating disorder? he really loves and cares about me but im just afraid of being judged

I suggest sitting him down and just telling him, be honest with him (because honesty always helps) and don’t be scared about expressing your feelings, if you need to cry then cry, it’s completely normal!
He’s your boyfriend, he loves you and cares for you at the end of the day, he wouldn’t judge you :). If anything he’d admire the fact that you were brave enough to tell him (because I know its not easy to come out and say these things!) and encourage you to keep fighting!

Believe me you have my upmost respect for even being able to inbox me this!
I hope everything goes well for you!
Keep on fighting!  ♥ ♥

Hey :) There's this guy that I use to talk to so much and I kept getting all these signs from him and everyone else said the signs were there too. But he kept denying his feelings but I honestly think he was lying to himself. Anyway. He's got a girlfriend now but it still bugs me because I think it should've been me :(

Well let me start off by saying he’s definitely missing out on a great girl then!

If he kept denying his feelings its probably because he was shy and didn’t want anybody else to tell you, maybe because he was scared of rejection. - Since you and your friends did see the signs after all!
If it was your friend that asked, he would have obviously said no because he knows your friend would have probably told you.
He obviously felt shy and insecure about his feelings if he’s denied them.

Don’t worry about him having a girlfriend. He’ll soon realise he’s picked the wrong girl trust me! Remember maybe it didn’t work out now because its supposed to happen later on in life, when he wants a serious girlfriend, like someone who he can see himself with :)

I actually found this quote (cause quotes always help me through everything!) and I think it definitely applies to him! -  "One day you’ll realise you lost a diamond while too busy collecting stones."

Head up girl, remember things happen for a reason! Even if it doesn’t make sense now, it will eventually! :)  ♥ ♥

There's a boy who, literally, doesn't know i exist. He is thousand of miles away from me. I just want to meet him and talk with him. He is kinda famous, but he doesn't act like a shitty famous person that thinks he must date just other famous people.

Is there some way you can message him? :)
You can always get to know him online and show him how you’re just interested in him for who he is and not his fame :)
Once you talk to him for a while then maybe you can suggest meeting up. However, this can be tricky since he’s kind of famous D:

It’s quite hard when they’re well known cause they can be hard to contact! Believe me I’ve been there! But you should keep trying! He will notice eventually!
Everything happens for a reason! 

Wishing you luck!